It is the duty of every single responsible citizen of our country to do what they can in order to ensure that no  child misses out on their opportunity to acquire the necessary cognitive skills needed to enable them to become contributing members of our communities  

we are making A massive DIFFERENCE

The Maths And Physics Foundation is a registered non-profit organization established to raise funds needed to build and finance a team of 1000 Maths Tutor.

Our Tutors will be developed to help change the lives of at least 1 000 000 financially challenged, yet deserving students throughout our country.



Add and Subtract Faster than a Calculator

Students are taught to instinctively recall the additive relationship between any two numbers. For example, students who master this section will instantly be able to see the 7 in 9 + 8 (9 + 8 = 17). This means if one adds 38 + 49 they will automatically see the last digit is 7 and the first digit is 4 + 3 + the carry of 1. In this way  a student will instantly see that 48 + 39 = 87. This skill along with the other 4 ensure accuracy and speed with the more complex problems found in the higher grades.



Add and Subtract Faster than a Calculator

To be able to instantly recall any one of the tables is arguably the most important skill for a student to master if they are going to achieve in mathematics in their high school years. Failure to do so affects their ability to work with fractions, BODMAS and any of the higher skills required in curriculum.



Instant Mastery of the 4 Operations – Plus, Minus, Times & Divide

By far the majority of students assessed today in grade 8 and 9 cannot perform the basic operations in fractions. However, we have found over and over again that once a child has mastered their multiplication tables fractions can be taught with 100% competency in one short lesson.



Proficiency in the Language of Maths

BODMAS is the language or syntax of mathematics. Failure in a students ability to read and simplify a mathematical expression correctly is another major cause for so many failures in high school mathematics. Every student needs 100% competency in this skill and our programs ensure this is achieved in a measurable and effective way.



The Art of Finding the Subject of any Formula

Here too, the understanding of the laws of the numerical and algebraic forms the basis of the tool kit a student needs to enter high school with. Failure to do so can be traced as one of the main reasons as to why we have such an unacceptably high drop-out and failure rate in mathematics. Simply put, we are asking children to paint pictures with broken or none existing paintbrushes and expecting fantastic results.

2020 Vision 1000 tutors 1000 schools one million students

Our Team 

Our team of dedicated, passionate and not to mentioned motivated individuals who are working around the clock on Project 5000.

“The Mapf and K2U learning initiative to enrol 5000 students to tutor them to achieve core mathematics distinctions is very dear to me because it is a guarantee that there will be many doors that will be opened for them. When I was in high school the resources that one needs to reach that distinction were limited and I believe that if I were to get an opportunity like this, I would have grabbed it with both hands. Not only does this initiative appeal to me because its going to change the lives of the fellow students but the learners will be tutored by some of the great minds such as Greg Shapiro who within a short space of time has inspired me and taught me a new perspective in which one should approach learning. I have voluntarily tutored fellow peers in my high school and therefore this initiative is of my passion. The fact that one gets to get a different perspective from the one you get in the classroom and understand mathematics at a deeper level using methods that will acquire you intelligent understanding is what will prove that it will be beneficial. My motto that has been driving this passion of the sharing of knowledge is that one can never stop leaning because the world does not stop teaching.”

Mita Raboya

Area Manager

“As a mother I understand the necessity, behind ensuring your child has every stepping stone to succeed and excel in their education. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford additional help for their children and this is why I am so proud and passionate about being part of project 5000.”

Nicolette Nolte

Administration & Systems Management

Psychology and Marketing graduate.

“I love helping and uplifting people, I am proud to be part of the MAPF team. It enables me to do what I love on a daily basis.”

Felicia Nair

Marketing Manager

Karin Vermeulen

Project Manager