Project 1000


1000 Distinction Qualified Mathematics Students Prepared And Ready

To Tutor The Many Thousands Who Need Assistance In Their Own Maths Journey



It is the duty of every single responsible citizen of our country to do what they can in order to ensure that no child misses out on their opportunity to acquire the necessary cognitive skills needed to enable them to become contributing members of our communities  

Our Mission

To generate sufficient and sustainable funds to finance the training and development of 1000 Maths Tutors. To combat the ineffective systems that are the main contributing cause of failure and neglect in the vital subjects of math’s and science.

Our Method

We aim to do this by training thousands of qualified tutors who will work independently, yet alongside the math’s teachers at the various schools.

Our Vision

 A Future Generation of Scientifically and Mathematically Empowered Leaders.

Our Aim

To dramatically reduce our countries failure and dropout rate in mathematics. To increase learner’s confidence and commitment to these tertiary door openers. To enhance the learners desire and confidence levels in their abilities to conquer these vital skills.

we are making A massive DIFFERENCE

The Maths And Physics Foundation is a registered non-profit organization established to raise funds needed to build and finance a team of 1000 Maths Tutor.

Our Tutors will be developed to help change the lives of at least 1 000 000 financially challenged, yet deserving students throughout our country.

Need Help Improving Your Maths Mark?

Improve your marks & learn how to achieve a distinction for maths in your finals?

*Co-sponsorship for a tutoring program

*Online Final Exam preparation

*Training to become a K2U tutor 75% of your monthly fee will be co-sponsored by The Maths & Physics Foundation



Nicolette Nolte - Admin and System Manager

“As a mother I understand the necessity, behind ensuring your child has every stepping stone to succeed and excel in their education. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford additional help for their children and this is why I am so committed and passionate about being part of project 1000. The fact that we have proven strategies to assist every sector of society, places us in a unique position to help as many students as possible from all walks of life.”

Mita Raboya - Area Manger

I am a passionate tutor, who has seen first hand how Greg Shapiro methods inspired and motivate each individual, Greg’s Methods have given me a deeper understanding of Mathematics. . My motto that has been driving this passion of sharing of knowledge is that one can never stop leaning because the world does not stop teaching.

Greg Shapiro – Founder

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Cameron Mclinock - National Marketing Director

I’m an extremely enthusiastic and a passionate workaholic that has fought through adversity to gain the experience and expertise that I have. I’m honored and proud to be part of this great team of highly energetic and committed people.  My aim to to assist in whatever way  I can to help as many students as possible discover and develop their true academic and personal potential. The Maths and Physics Foundation epitomises every positive value I have for my life and future.

Felicia Nair - Marketing Manager

Psychology and Marketing graduate.

“I love helping and uplifting people, I am proud to be part of the MAPF team. It enables me to do what I love on a daily basis. The call to serve in this area has never been greater and I feel compelled to give my best.”

Cerona Soodama - Area Manager

I am a Business Administration Graduate.

I’m passionate and self-driven to empower and uplift individuals and I am inspired to work with the K2U Learning System Maths and Physics Foundation because of their dedication and commitment towards uplifting the community.