2020 Vision 1000 tutors 1000 schools one million students

our board of advisory teachers 

Greg Shapiro Founder and Director of K2U Learning Systems, and Chairperson of MAPF

I am not simply the best at teaching maths, I am the best at helping students develop mathematical and learning skills so they can stand well above the crowd and command the career and income they deserve.

I have literally spent over 35 years developing my teaching skills for the sole purpose of helping as many students as possible to develop these vital skills. This is my passion, my drive and my mission. My greatest sense of satisfaction and pride comes from helping another person – young or old – unlock their God-given intellectual and academic potential.



Avidha Lalla Bachelor of Arts (English /Speech and Drama) Higher Diploma in Education Bachelor of Education ( Honors)

I am the department head of languages at my school. I have been teaching English for the past 27 years. 

My passion for teaching and helping learners to succeed not only in school but in the “big bad” world complemented by my expertise in grammar, writing, comprehension and reading positions me to make a significant impact on your child’s performance not only in English but in the overall aggregate as well.

My experience has taught me that the time spent in school does not equip our children sufficiently to meet the demands of a competitive and challenging world. Many children do not have excellent verbal and written communication skills and this results in poor academic performance not only in English as a subject but in all subjects across the curriculum. 

Megan Prinsloo B Juris and LLB degrees in the faculty of laws Facilitator/tutor at K2U rendering tutoring service for learners whom are enrolled for home schooling


I love teaching children regardless of their age and level of education. No matter what level of degrees, diplomas or certificates we possess if you have the passion and the motivation to improve the quality of education of our children, it would make a major difference. A majority of learners are experiencing difficulty in understanding the content of different subjects. They do not have effective resources available to address and rectify the problem.

MAPF provides a great platform for learners to address any barriers and to improve their academic performance. Its’ exciting to be part of such a visionary team and I believe MAPF is the best solution in helping as many learners as possible and empowering them with the necessary skills to succeed in life.

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Our first batch of Tutors will begin their training on the 20th of January 2020

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By end 2020, we are striving to have 1000 Tutors fully trained up and ready for placement in our hand-picked preselected schools therby enabling us to empower at least 1 000 000 primary school students in the fundamental principles of mathematics.

Lerato Tsotetsi - A young citizen, concerned with the direction of the quality of our Education in South Africa.

I have always had a passion for working with children to help them achieve the full potential of their minds and have fun while doing it which is why I joined this incredible team, MAPF. I previously did tutoring during my Varsity years;  there we assisted kids from a disadvantaged community with homework or any other school work they might have been struggling with. It was  very fulfilling to see their eyes brighten up as they realize the strength of their minds and I would love to achieve the same MAPF’s project. 


I believe my involvement in this project together with my team will help us instill this kind of teaching. Mathematics is such fun once we understand the language. I hope to inspire many to see their true potential!

Milly Middleton

One of the biggest questions we have in the schools today is, “How do we develop or improve the maths sense of a student?” The great challenge is that we are expecting children to become top achievers without giving them the proper tools they would need to succeed. As adults, we need to put in the effort to turn the failure of the maths crisis around, we need to help them sail boldly into the future to find a place to land. It is up to us to invest in the future of our children and help them develop the correct learning skills to give this country restored hope.

Our effort will make children stronger and lead them to higher achievements. This is why I am so passionate about being part of MAPF’S vision.

Mongezi Deyi - Best performer in Mathematics in Matric

I find MAPF’s vision and mission incredible. If the youth can understand mathematics as a language at an early age nothing will stop them from pursuing this subject later in life. I would like to help others achieve their utmost best performance in Mathematics, make them love the subject and help them see the importance of it. I believe that if I can help MAPF make this happen a lot will change in the schools of South Africa.

Phelelani Nene Mechanical and Marine Engineering Degree

I am pleased to be one selected candidate for the MAPF’s entrepreneurial tutor training position.

I feel I am well equipped to embark on this journey with MAPF and help them change the education around in the schools of South Africa.

I am more passionate about assisting not only my country but also my community, our young fellow learners, as I too come from more a disadvantage rural area where mathematics and science skills are scarce. MAPF’s vision goes hand-in-hand with my goals of uplifting our learners as our country has a shortage of mathematics and science educators who can help learners in a science stream.

Purity Masuku - Business Studies Diploma Marketing Diploma, BCOM Honours in Business Management

I am passionate about helping the youth of this country in anyway I can. The MAPF vision is an excellent platform that has recognised the gap within the maths and physics sector and developed  the tools to resolve the problems.  Out children are our future and should be natured from a young age. I believe that this initiative is a great platform for me to use my capabilities to help students overcome the fear of maths and stop seeing it as an impossible obstacle in their blocking them from achieving that distinction. I am positive that this will bring a change to the current students and the generations to come.

Sherri Middleton - 3rd Year B.Ed Foundation Phase of Teaching

I am a vibrant individual, well on my way to achieving my Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I believe strongly in serving a purpose, and mine is that of bringing about change. Change for the better, and when striving for change, who better to start with than our youth who are our future.

Let’s achieve more, together.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela


Sibulele Magwentshu - BSC in Chemistry and Microbiology

I am passionate about helping others, so when I came across the MAPF vision I knew I wanted to be involved. I have always believed that your past does not define your future. It is entirely up to you to change your circumstances for the better. Sometimes all you need is a little help. With MAPF, I feel like I could do that for those who are struggling in any area of their lives. This initiative will improve and develop the youth’s thinking and the studying skills that they can use throughout their school careers and carry into the rest of their lives. I am inspired and cannot wait to begin with the training and tutoring in the schools.

Trevor Doncabe - Electrical Engineering BSc Degree

The MAPF initiative is a great building block for improving grades of students and cementing the basics of mathematics and science laws at a young age. I genuinely believe such program will align with my passion and help make our communities well equipped with maths and science students as we a heading to the 4th IR.

 I am looking forward to the journey ahead.

Tumisang Motsaathebe - Bachelors of Accounting Sciences and Financial Accounting

I am looking forward to assisting children with their foundational numeracy and algebraic skills. I am passionate about numbers and solving complex problems. I am excited to be one of the first of 1000 MAPF tutors. I would like to help uplift communities and schools in rural areas by assisting students with mathematics from the foundation phase.



Increase Commitment

To increase learners’ confidence and commitment to these tertiary door openers.

Enhance Confidence

To enhance the learners’ confidence levels in their abilities to conquer these vital skills.

Reduce Dropout Rate

To dramatically reduce our country’s failure and dropout rate in mathematics and overall academic performance.

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