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Greg Shapiro

In 1977 I was expelled from school for being dumb and unteachable ...

… Well, that is what the principal said to my parents at the time.

But with the proper guidance from a student one grade ahead of mine’ I came first in matric for maths and received the most improved science cup.

I then went on to achieve my diploma in electrical light current at Wits Technicon where I continued to be top in the class. How was that possible?

Could it be that there are thousands of other students who, just like I was, are academically lost and yet have the capability to be great achievers in maths and science? Absolutely! This, we have proven time and time again is a fact. I have shared my photographic type learning skills with thousands of students all over the country with outstanding results. In fact, we even have grade 1’s mastering the 12 times tables in a matter of weeks.

I have spent over 30 years developing programs and teaching techniques with the purpose of being able to make a significant difference in the teaching of maths and science. Our students results speak for themselves.

Over the past number of years, my wife, Caryl and I have invested hundreds of thousands of Rands into developing our program and we would like to invite as many corporates, companies and individuals to join hands with us to accelerate the achievement of this essential goal.

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