Dr Musa Manzi MSc, PhD

Based on my own personal journey and experience, and after a long meeting with Greg Shapiro, I am fully convinced of the value of this program and in his capabilities and commitment to achieve the results of this very important maths intervention program.  I believe this program intervenes right at the source of our maths crisis: the foundational school years.

I can fully endorse the importance of these 5 essential skills and agree whole heartedly that every child should be given exposure to Greg’s accelerated method of teaching them.

Mr Khambula - Kwankusa High School Principal - Melmoth

Within just 3 Saturdays, using the K2U method, Greg managed to help 60 plus Grade 11 students to increase their Trigonometry Grade Average from 12% to 56%.  I have since requested a proposal from Greg for further intervention lessons. 

Bongekile Makhoba – Principal Dannhauser Primary School, Dannhauser, KZN

Greg’s 10-month Teacher’s Training Program had a significant impact in the end of the year results of our students.   His unique teaching methods brought an excitement and  challenge to us as Foundational Teachers.   We are very grateful for his gift and believe that every school should consider using his skills to improve their maths marks…

Shona de Jager - Grade 4 Parent

 This program has been so valuable to my daughter.   In a matter of weeks Eden showed remarkable progress and can now, with instant recall, write out her higher order tables (5×6 to 12×12). Her mental addition is improving dramatically, and she is on her way to mastering the other 3 skills.  I am very pleased with the results and believe the course is worth every cent.

Lindsey Slater - Grade 4 & 5 Parent

Greg has a fantastic way with kids.   He imparts his love and passion for mathematics in a way I have never seen before. He builds their confidence and achieves results.  My 10yr old daughter achieved a 90 percent aggregate for Maths at the end of grade 4 last year.  My 9yr old daughter has just started and already in a few lessons has accomplished so much and gained a lot of confidence in her own ability.  I highly recommend Greg Shapiro for all ages and stages, even for kids that are strong mathematically can benefit from his tuition.  I am a very proud mom.

Sashnee Chundar- Grade 1 Parent

Greg has taught us to never underestimate the mathematical ability of our children. In a matter of a few weeks Greg, amongst other things, helped my little Grade 1 master her 12 times tables, recall the algebraic laws of algebra and master her bonds.

Kelda Perumal (2017)

1st Year Varsity Student made for Math’s

I can absolutely say without any hesitation that Greg’s method of teaching turned my learning around.  He converted me from a rote learner to one who learns with understanding.  Although he only coached me to matric, I firmly believe that his methods helped me achieve a cum laude pass in my BSc. Degree. He not only taught me maths, but how to learn with understanding.  His coaching  played a pivotal role in my studies and achievements.

Laura Lukele Grade 11(2018)

“Mr.Shapiro teaches in order to develop an understanding of the subject. This has not only equipped me with the ability to do well in math’s but also enabled me to grasp the subject more deeply. Mrs.Shapiro is always available to talk to and provides us with support and a safe place to talk. K2U has helped me with much more than just math’s.”

Nzuzo Mhlunga Grade7(2017)

Nzuzo learnt his entire multiplication tables in a matter of weeks and made this percentage improvement in one term. He has since mastered he 3 other critical fundamental skills normally missing in most of the grade 7’s math’s foundation.

Anriké- Grade 5 (2017)

Improved by 36% in one term!

Anriké was able to improve this much by first learning her tables properly and then with her new level of confidence and belief started to work on the other aspects of her Math’s curriculum. Her excitement for her new found skill is very evident in her behavior.

Mr SoobramoneyHOD Sarel Cilliers

“The K2U Program is worth every cent and has proven itself over and over again to be of great value to those students who want achieve in Math’s, especially those who do not have a strong foundation in the subject,”



12 October to 26 October 2019





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