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GRADE 9 - 12

Meet some of our front runners of the EMC

Sisanda - First Year Varsity Student

Being on the program as a vasity student doesn’t help me personally but does equip me with the knowledge to assist others who desperately need help with Math. Looking at how they simplify the process makes me wish I had been given an opportunity like this sooner.

Kyra - Grade 12 Student

Being apart of the EMC club has been a wonderful experience. As a grade 12 learner I got the opportunity to go back to my grade 10 work to solidify my foundation. I also believe that the EMC not only helped me with this but it has also helped me with time management and it has also developed my problem solving skills in aspects besides maths. I look forward to helping other learners build their own foundation on maths and develop themselves in the future.

Jaymi - Grade 10 Student

Being on this program has really been an eye opener. It has not only helped improve my maths but it has helped me improve in other aspects of my school and career. It encourages me to push myself to be the best version of myself and also creates a platform to help others become better versions of themselves too! It has been a great experience being apart of such a wonderful group and I am excited to see what more may come of it!

Layyah - Grade 10 Student

The K2U Emc team has created an innovative method of studying mathematics. It uplifts my self esteem and motivates me to strive to be the best. As a math lit student the K2U team has given me an opportunity not only do pure math but has boosted my confidence levels in other subjects as well. I would like to thank Mr Greg Shapiro for providing me and others with opportunity to practice pure math.

Tatum - Grade 10 Student

The EMC has helped me progress in my mathematics and has helped me achieve higher marks in my class work and I have gain the confidence to do mathematics

Eric - Grade 11 Student

As a grade 11 student i found this opportunity to go back to Grade 10 material has really strengthened my understanding and competency in my classwork. I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of mathematics

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