2020 Vision

 1000 tutors 1000 schools

one million students

we are making A massive DIFFERENCE

The Maths And Physics Foundation is a registered non-profit organization established to raise funds needed to build and finance a team of 1000 Maths Tutor.

Our Tutors will be developed to help change the lives of at least 1 000 000 financially challenged, yet deserving students throughout our country.


Here at Maths and Physics Foundation, we are driven by a single goal; to generate the funds needed to raise the national mastery of mathematics and physics.

Our intervention programs have been developed over a period of 30 years and offer cutting edge learning tools that dramatically accelerate the learning of maths and physical concepts. As an example, we have Grade 01’s and Grade 03’s fully competent in their 12 times tables that generally are only taught in their 6th and 7th year of school.

Our mission

Our Mission is to combat the ineffective teaching methods that are contributing to the failure and neglect of vital subjects such as maths and science.

Our plan

Our plan is to generate the funds, train our tutors and develop our students

Our vision

To create a brighter, safer and more productive country for all people of South Africa  


We market memberships to our exclusive Discount Coupon and Voucher APP. The coupons and vouchers help our members save thousands of rands every month on day to day expenses as well as being able to purchase high-end products and or services at amazingly reduced prices.

The monthly contribution of our members go directly into the NPO Fund and is used for the financing of the Tutors salaries, training and development costs.


Generate a continuous flow of enticing discount coupons and vouchers that way exceed the value of our members contribution. Making it an irresistible purchase.


Develop a team of top caliber marketers to promote and sell these voucher memberships to the hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens all over the country.


Advertise Tutor posts to the fifty thousand plus teacher graduates who are currently unemployed and offer them the chance to re-skill themselves in the fundamental principals of mathematics thereby making themselves employable


Establish a Tutor training center to teach and equip our Tutors with the proven methods and techniques of K2U Learning Systems

Part 05

 Identify and place our trained Tutors in at least 1000 previously disadvantaged schools that meet our criteria.

Part 06

Give consistent feedback to our discount coupon and voucher suppliers of the performance being achieved at each of the schools.

Part 07

Run competitions and prizes for the students at the various schools to maintain a high level of motivation and commitment

“Thousands of intelligent students are sitting in schools, which are totally incapable of teaching them the maths they need to become economically active citizens of this country”

– Greg Shapiro

Win Win Win

Fundraising Project

Corporates, companies, and business individuals all need qualified leads to grow.
Everyone loves quality services and products at discount prices.
Contrary to popular belief, if taught properly, maths is one of the most engaging and enjoyable subjects to learn.

The Win-Win-Win Fundraising Project (WWW) offers the most effective means of providing top quality leads at minimal cost, tutor development funding and 1 000 000 mathematically functional students.

Together it’s a total win-win-win for everyone.

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