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We are an NPO established for the exclusive purpose of generating funds to help finance the training and development of Tutors who will be strategically placed in financially challenged and other schools that meet the basic criteria set out by the Board of Directors.

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Dr Musa Manzi MSc, PhD

Based on my own personal journey and experience, and after a long meeting with Greg Shapiro, I am fully convinced of the value of this program and in his capabilities and commitment to achieve the results of this very important maths intervention program.  I believe this program intervenes right at the source of our maths crisis: the foundational school years.

I can fully endorse the importance of these 5 essential skills and agree whole heartedly that every child should be given exposure to Greg’s accelerated method of teaching them.

Ruvern Chetty BCom: QuantitativeManagement (UNISA)Major in Statistics & DecisionSciences (final semesterstudent)

As a top maths student at school, and in the process of majoring in my tertiary field of choice, I can definitely concur that these five fundamental principles, as taught in the K2U Fundamental Program, would have been a great asset to me on my academic journey. It would have been a huge advantage to me to have had them in my very early grades. I feel it would have made my maths so much more understandable and enjoyable. I would most certainly recommend this program to every parent who wants to give their child the best start in life. I firmly believe this program should be part of our national curriculum, starting with our grade 1’s. In my opinion it will give a level of competency for maths that the classroom is simply not currently structured to provide.

Bongekile Makhoba – Principal Dannhauser Primary School, Dannhauser, KZN

Greg’s 10-month Teacher’s Training Program had a significant impact in the end of the year results of our students.   His unique teaching methods brought an excitement and  challenge to us as Foundational Teachers.   We are very grateful for his gift and believe that every school should consider using his skills to improve their maths mark, so much so that they have gone up by 30% and we couldn’t be happier 







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We will train you how to teach the 5 fundamentals of mathematics using our unique teaching platform as well as how to manage and administer the program in a school in your area while earning an excellent salary doing something you love.

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